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Kenyon treats His guests in Luxe Salon service. The boughe skills of Kenyon is a 'breath of fresh hair' that embrace natural, attention to detail. Hailing from Sydney, Australia who has Styled Hair alongside Celebrity Hairdressers and Barbers in Saratoga Springs, NY and Manhattan, NYC delivers the intimate and chic sophistication to life utilizing famed morphosphyciology techniques. Kenyon features American style incorporating European & French techniques, which promotes tranquil relaxation setting, serene moods, beautiful and cool modern HairStyles, and clean hairlines. “I have been designing Hair to have a slick combination of beauty living in it,” explains Kenyon. “This allows me to see the accurate tone and complexion of the hair, skin, and eye for forte results with every client. I hope you can become the most beautiful and glamorous version of yourself.”

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